August 2012
Pec Deck
Get Abs Like Mine

June 2012
Don't Weight Around
Get Back in Action

April 2012
Coming on Strong
Flex your Pecs

February 2012
Fire Up You Guns
Pump up your Pecs

January 2012
Pack On Muscle
Load Up Your Guns

November 2011
Supersize Your Bi's & Tri's
Get Your Wheels Moving

September 2011
Pump up your Guns!
Sun, Fun & Fitness

August 2011
Time to get out!
Chisel A Steel-Hard Stomach

Best of 2011

June 2011
On the Attack
No Gym, No Problem

April 2011
Get Fit My Way
Chest In Time

February 2011
Butt Out
Build a Killer Body

January 2011
Get Fit Fast
Chisel Killer Grid

November 2010
Morning Energizers
Bulging Bi's & Tri's

September 2010
Chisel Beachworth Abs
Push Yourself

August 2010
Power Driven
Back Track

June 2010
Deltoids Delivered
Middle Management

April 2010
Core Value

February 2010
Cut to the Core
Gun It

January 2010
Powerful Pecs
Rocki'n Band

November 2009
Football Muscles
Weight-Free & Easy

September 2009
Step it Up
Power Up

August 2009
Pound your Pecs

June 2009
Boot Camping
Have a Ball

April 2009
Back Atcha!
Golden Curls

February 2009
Balancing Pads
Park Yourself

January 2009
Man in Motion
Swissball Workout

November 2008
Hit the Bar!
Perfect Abs

September 2008
Limb Building
Round Mounds

August 2008
Glutes Salute!
Home-Grown Muscle

June 2008
That Cover Guy!
Forging Forearms

April 2008
Hour of Power!
Big Bulges!

February 2008
Prize Delts!
Big Bulges!

January 2008
Get Flexed!
Details Details!

November 2007
No Sweat!
Football Muscle!

September 2007
Boot Camp Blitz
Boxing Drills for Super Conditioning

August 2007
Non-stop Abs!
Pulling your Own Weight

June 2007
5 The Hard Way!
Cable Ready!

April 2007
Gut Reactions
Bodyweight Blasters

February 2007
Bar One

January 2007
Cut'Em UP

November 2006

September 2006
Cobblestone Abs!
Cord Capers

August 2006
Added Value
Stick To Your Principles!

Stick To Your Principles

June 2006
Stick To Your Principles!